April 24-25 2018

Houston, TX

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How Intrepid Oil & Gas Firms Are Recharging, Retooling, & Rebuilding to Win in an All-to-play-for Future

What can HR do to rebuild morale, to keep talent engaged, and inspire high performance in an Oil & Gas industry which has been through so much?

What new thinking is needed to help us build sustainably lean companies able to thrive in a ‘lower for longer’ Oil & Gas operating environment?

And how must we re-tool our HR function now to ensure that when the market does recover, we are positioned to compete and succeed?

These are the vital questions which lie at the heart of LEAP HR: Oil & Gas.

The HR leaders at the Oil & Gas firms who have best weathered the storm over the last two years have helped us identify the brave, ambitions ‘leaps’ being taken to transform their businesses.

Only this conference will share these ‘leaps’ with you in a way which shines a light on how the best in the industry are not just surviving but readying themselves to thrive in 2017 and beyond.

“The best investment in time I’ve made in the last two years. We’ve accelerated our thinking by months and the value is in the tens of thousands”

“Simply the best event for human capital leaders in Oil & Gas”
Kinder Morgan

“Informative, insightful and engaging, with tremendous takeaways. This conference was worth it’s weight in gold”