April 24-25 2018

Houston, TX

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The New Agile Approaches Enabling Resilient Oil & Gas Firms to Refuel And Build a Platform for Peak Performance

LEAP HR: Oil & Gas 2018 will once again dig deeper into the innovative people leaps helping resilient organizations succeed in a new Oil & Gas industry.

Join over 100 people leaders in Oil & Gas to find out:

 Mini leap logo How are the most admired Oil & Gas firms reshaping their people strategy to build a more robust culture and recharge a resilient workforce in this turbulent industry?
 Mini leap logo What new HR initiatives are helping agile organizations to accelerate new approaches to flexible work?
 Mini leap logo And how are both onshore and offshore organizations rethinking how to lead leaner organizations into a new Oil & Gas future?

With new speakers and fresh case studiesLEAP HR: Oil & Gas 2018 remains the unique opportunity for senior people leaders in this industry to really challenge and get creative around how we do HR in Oil & Gas.

Take a look at the 2018 speaker faculty, the summary agenda or the Interactive Event Guide for more details.

"The best investment in time I have made in the last two years. We have accelerated the thinking
and development of our work by several months and the value is in the tens of thousands. I can’t recommend LEAP HR: Oil & Gas enough."


"It felt as if for the first time we were discussing openly issues which had been difficult to talk about previously, but because of
the format of LEAP HR: Oil & Gas, it suddenly became easier. We moved from ‘mission impossible’ to ‘mission possible’."


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