April 26-27 2017

Houston, TX

Defend Your Best Talent. Transform Culture to Ride the Storm.

Build a Leaner, Stronger Business.

What can HR do to increase engagement, retain critical talent, and drive a culture of performance even while uncertainty, fear and anxiety remain?

What can be done right now to successfully create a culture which allows us all to do more with less in a low cost operating context?

And how can we re-think our businesses to increase organizational effectiveness so that when the market does recover, we are positioned to accelerate out of the downturn?

These are some of the vital questions which lie at the heart of LEAP HR: Oil & Gas, the industry’s essential forum for HR leaders to tackle the mission-critical challenges they face today.

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"Some of the most vibrant discussions with some of the most influential leaders on the most relevant human capital issues facing Oil & Gas that I have witnessed in the past 15 years."

Kinder Morgan