April 24-25 2018

Houston, TX

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Breakfast Deep Dive A
Tuesday April 25, 2017

07.30 - 09.00

Rethink, Reimagine & Reinvent Culture to Allow Your Oil & Gas Firm to Think and Act More like a Silicon Valley Start-Up Even in the Heart of a Conservative Industry

Workshop Leader: Lisa Ower, Most recently Vice President People & Culture, Enerplus

Tech companies may get attention for creating engaging and collaborative workspaces and strong corporate cultures, but the truth is that employee engagement benefits businesses in any industry. And given the market conditions of the past two years, Oil & Gas firms have a more urgent need to drive engagement, collaboration and innovation than ever before. Enerplus, a medium-sized Oil & Gas company based in Canada and the US, made corporate culture a major emphasis in recent years, with game-changing results. As the architect of this radical transformation, Lisa Ower is perfectly positioned to tell the story of this leap and share a blueprint for how you can make your own.

By taking part in this deep dive, you will learn:

  • How Enerplus beat the odds by driving innovation and inspiring the Oil & Gas industry to think more like a Silicon Valley start-up and less like a traditional Energy company
  • Steps you can take to create the conditions to allow radical initiatives like unlimited paid leave and next generation performance management to succeed in your Oil & Gas firm
  •  The benefits of incorporating neuroscience into your people initiatives to build the strongest possible case for change in any type of Oil & Gas operating environment

Allowing you to leave able to:

  • Influence positive change not just in good times but also challenging times and create high energy working environments in Oil & Gas where employees collaborate, innovate and thrive
  • Build a unique culture of your own which gives you a critical competitive edge in engaging, retaining, and ultimately attracting top talent during a tough time in the industry
  • Apply best practice from working cultures in other industries operating with razor thin margins and to leave with a cost-effective roadmap to making them work in a new Oil & Gas industry

Lisa Ower, Most recently Vice President People & Culture, Enerplus


Breakfast Deep Dive B
Wednesday April 26, 2017

07.30 - 09.00

Building a More Resilient, Change-Agile Oil & Gas Company to Help You Accelerate out of the Downturn

Workshop Leader: Bob Newhouse, former Chief Talent Officer, Noble Corporation

The Oil & Gas industry is undergoing significant change as a result of several dynamics, including demographics, technology and the downturn. Add the increasing rate of change, decreased time-to competency needs, shifting workforces, and expanding technology and it places a premium on firms that can learn and adapt to meet change. Organizations must build adaptability to outpace competition, comply with changing regulation, drive performance improvement and get comfortable at the intersection of talent and technology. This interactive, collaborative and dedicated deep-dive will give you an essential insight into how you can build a more change-agile Oil & Gas business.

By taking part in this deep dive, you will learn how to:

  • Move your HR function from reactive to responsive; from transactional to strategic – even in a downturn – to transform your impact
  • Design and implement an effective change implementation approach which engages your people and drives performance
  • Deploy low cost simulated learning as a powerful development environment to replicate situations and to build individual adaptability and organizational agility

Allowing you to leave able to:

  • Use simulation to train your workforce in agility to manage complex operational situations under stress and deliver positive outcomes
  • Engage leaders and teams in facilitated innovation processes to rediscover and draw out the inherent creative energies of the organization
  • Deliver against stretch company goals and corporate milestones even in times of significant organizational transformation

Bob Newhouse, former Chief Talent Officer, Noble Corporation