April 30-May 1 2019

Houston, TX

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Here’s what those who have taken part in LEAP HR: Oil & Gas have said about their experience:


“The most refreshing and inspirational event ever!”

“LEAP HR: Oil & Gas was the most refreshing and inspirational event ever! My team returned to the office with new ideas and feeling energized to be part of a wider community and ready-made support network of HR Oil & Gas leaders. All of this will have a huge positive impact on our business.”

Corinna Carbone, Vice President Human Resources North America, Eni Petroleum

“10 out of 10”

“LEAP HR: Oil & Gas was an excellent conference! The format and content were great, but it was even better to attend a conference that was targeted for HR in the Oil and Gas Industry. So relevant! 10 out of 10.”

Constance Donels, Director, Business Partners and Employee Relations, Pioneer Natural Resources

“Informative, engaging and inspirational”

LEAP HR: Oil & Gas was informative, engaging and inspirational. It is the platform for us to find the new ideas that will better our organizations.”

Alicia Blaszak, Vice President People and Organization – Americas, Wood Group

“Brilliant networking opportunities”

“The benefits of attending LEAP HR: Oil & Gas are incalculable in terms of opportunities to network with extreme experts plus enhance relevant knowledge and techniques that make a difference in our business operations. 10 out of 10.”

Fred Stawitz, Technical Training Principal, Kinder Morgan

“Informative, engaging and has excellent speakers”

LEAP HR: Oil & Gas was highly informative, with an engaging format and excellent speakers. We have already started planning new initiatives as a result of attending. 10 out of 10.”

David A. Gotterer, Director of Human Resources, Jones & Frank

“An energizing and thought-provoking event”

LEAP HR: Oil & Gas is an energizing and thought provoking event with the smartest minds in HR! I can already utilize a number of things I’ve learned to provide strategic leadership to our business units. It was perfect, I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Heidi Swartz, HR Manager, Global Talent Management, Packers Plus

“So much relevant information”

LEAP HR: Oil & Gas was a great event that had so much relevant information. I plan to share many of the key takeaways with my leadership team and request for very specific actions and changes as we move forward.”

Simone Arceneaux, HR Director, Pacific Drilling Services


“The content, speakers, opportunity to network, and knowledge exchange at LEAP HR Oil & Gas were exceptional.”

Ron Hudik, Vice President – Energy, KellyOCG

“Educational and empowering”

LEAP HR: Oil & Gas was educational, empowering and confirmed my organization is on the right track. 10 out of 10.”

Rachel Schauweker, Human Resources Director, Halliburton


LEAP HR: Oil & Gas was inspirational and encouraged me to change! 10 out of 10.”

Angie Wiese, Senior Landman, Eni Petroleum

“I highly recommend it”

“LEAP HR: Oil & Gas was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it to everyone! 10 out of 10”

Christina Girard, Talent Manager, Era Helicopters

“A first class event”

LEAP HR: Oil & Gas is a first class event with excellent speakers and providing a great experience for all attendees.”

Orlando White, Training and Development Leader, MODEC

“Informational, inspiring and rejuvenating”

LEAP HR: Oil & Gas was very informational, inspiring and rejuvenating. 10 out of 10.”

Nisha Rai, Vice President Human Resources, MRC Global

“A true collaboration of ideas, discussion, and real take-aways”

LEAP HR: Oil & Gas is a true collaboration of ideas, discussion, and real take-aways.”

Maria Montemayor, Senior HR Business Partner, DCP Midstream

“Very impactful”

“Attending LEAP HR: Oil & Gas is time well-spent. In particular, the different formats are very impactful.”

Ngozi Onyejekwe, Workforce Digital Enablement Leader, Baker Hughes GE

“Insightful and eye-opening”

“LEAP HR: Oil & Gas is insightful, eye-opening, and a great professional development opportunity that gives us a chance to learn best practices from others in our industry.”

Krista Wells, Talent Development Manager, SNC-Lavalin

“The best exchange I’ve ever been a part of”

“LEAP HR: Oil & Gas was the best exchange of information, practices, ideas and new trends in the Oil & Gas industry that I’ve ever been a part of.”

Paola Capello, Talent Management Director, Dynegy

“surpassed my expectations”

“LEAP HR: Oil & Gas surpassed my expectations. The variety and depth of topics has fueled my curiosity and my goal is to implement at least 2-3 new approaches this year as a result of attending this event.”

Belinda Bradberry, Human Resources Business Partner, Schneider-Electric