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*The 2019 edition of this event has now run. Thanks to all the participants!*

At LEAP HR: Oil & Gas in 2019, the senior people leaders behind the Oil & Gas industry’s most radical HR leaps met in Houston to uncover the new agile approaches enabling the most forward thinking Oil & Gas firms to recharge their workforce, attract vital new talent, and accelerate performance

Only at LEAP HR: Oil & Gas will you discover:

  How can you evolve your culture, transform your employee value proposition and accelerate innovation within your Oil & Gas organization?
As the future of the industry remains uncertain, what can HR leaders change to transform organizational agility, and achieve operational excellence in order to remain competitive?
How can the people function drive greater business efficiency, leverage digital technology and support growth in a rapidly changing landscape?


Register your interest for the 2020 edition and become part of a community of Oil & Gas people leaders who leave energized, inspired and ready for action.

"The best investment in time I have made in the last two years. We have accelerated the thinking
and development of our work by several months and the value is in the tens of thousands. I can’t recommend LEAP HR: Oil & Gas enough."


"It felt as if for the first time we were discussing openly issues which had been difficult to talk about previously, but because of
the format of LEAP HR: Oil & Gas, it suddenly became easier. We moved from ‘mission impossible’ to ‘mission possible’."