Pre Conference Focus Day (Monday)

 Option A: Pre Conference Focus Day: Finding Tomorrow’s Talent

12pm - 8pm (Includes lunch, networking drinks & dinner)

(For Option B: Preparing for a Digital Future scroll down)

Among the leaps we’ll be putting under the spotlight:

Fresh Approaches to Talent Acquisition that Will Transform Engagement & Radically Reduce Turnover

• Where are the new pools of renewable talent available to a cyclical industry, and accustomed to the mobility challenges of Oil & Gas?
• What can we do differently to transform the effectiveness of our pre-hire training and onboarding programs?

Scaling Your Talent Acquisition Programs to Find the Critical Talent You Need in a Fast Growing
Oil & Gas Firm

• What do we need to do more of to create a more robust talent pipeline in a high growth organization?
• Leveraging new platforms to optimize the awareness of your firm’s unique culture amongst new and emerging talent

Accelerating the Acquisition & Development of a Truly Global Workforce

• Rethinking our approach to talent acquisition with a closer integration of training and development strategies to deliver a skilled talent pool of local hires
• Creating a standardized toolkit for your international hiring managers, which promotes key competencies and aligns strategic objectives with your global mobility programs

Among the questions we’ll be tackling as a group:

How are we reinventing how we measure the quality of hiring process, and what are we doing to transform the quality of people we are bringing into the business?

If we needed to double the number of people we’re hiring at twice the quality, what would we need to do differently, and why don’t we do it now?

How does the talent acquisition engine need to evolve from start-up through growth to maturity, and what can we learn from each of these stages?

How do we need to rethink the end-to-end consumer experience to win and to differentiate ourselves in an increasingly competitive talent market?

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Option B: Pre Conference Focus Day: Preparing for a Digital Future

12pm - 8pm (Includes lunch, networking drinks & dinner)

Among the leaps we’ll be putting under the spotlight:

Re-engineering our core HR competencies and develop the non-technical skills necessary to thrive in an increasingly digital and ever changing Oil & Gas Industry

• What traditional thinking most needs to be challenged for us to be able to effectively build a bridge between talent and technology in Oil & Gas today?
• Changing the way we develop our leaders to be more engaged in the business transformation and innovation processes at every stage
• Building a Bridge Between Technology and Talent to Thrive in an Increasingly Digital Oil & Gas Industry

Reimagining Workforce Planning to Maximize HR Efficiency & Boost Business Agility in Your Oil & Gas Organization

• Rethinking staff augmentation models to build agility, deliver the long term business objectives and demonstrate a clear ROI to decision makers
• Leveraging predictive analytics to bolster analysis of employee engagement and accurately identify key HR priorities on the ‘employee journey’

New Approaches to Training an Increasingly Digital Workforce to Transform Operational Excellence

• What are the new skills and competencies we need in our organizations to become an effective digital workplace?
• New approaches to training and assessing a multigenerational workforce to ensure that these new competencies are standardized across the organization
• How Archrock has taken a bottom-up approach to building digital people strategies to transform operational excellence and project execution in a new Oil & Gas landscape

Among the questions we’ll be tackling as a group:

How do we most effectively leverage digital transformation as an opportunity to transform HR efficiency in practice?

How do we change the conversation around how we outline our approach to digital HR in a traditional Oil & Gas industry?

How do we rethink the way HR meets changing business demands in a new Digital Oil & Gas operating environment?

What traditional thinking is most urgently in need of challenging when we outline our approach to digital HR in Oil & Gas?

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