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Looking for benefits and compensation solutions that keeps pace with the ever-shifting energy industry?  The experts within Gallagher’s Energy Practice will look at your total rewards program–from hidden costs and employee engagement to liability and compliance issues. Whether you’re merging, consolidating, or expanding into new markets, you’ll have a partner with global resources, strategic insight and qualified talent to pursue your business objectives.


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Speakap is a branded engagement platform that enables organizations to reach their frontline employees, to deliver great customer experiences and drive business value. Deskless employees of IKEA, Rituals, McDonald’s, Hudson’s Bay and 350 other businesses worldwide all love using Speakap.

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Fuel50 is award-winning, next-gen career path software that empowers forward-thinking companies to deploy career growth initiatives to attract and retain talent while boosting engagement and productivity. Fuel50 enables businesses to efficiently and cost-effectively manage cross-generational expectations, deliver on diversity targets, win 'Best Place to Work' awards, maximize succession planning, align values with their people, and achieve significant engagement uplifts!

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Sia Partners delivers superior value and tangible results to client business & transformation; data & digital; and creativity & design initiatives. Sia Partners operates in 17 countries across 30 sectors and services with 1650+ consultants and over 500 clients, including 3 AI centers of excellence and 100+ data scientists.

Sia Partners, headquartered in Paris, recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, and has operated in the US since 2012.


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You need a relocation provider with best-in-class technology featuring intuitive, easy-to-use tools across multiple channels. Our multi-million-dollar investment in digital transformation, automation, and simplification focuses on a more flexible, cloud- and API-based framework for ease of integration and real-time access to information. By shifting to an Agile Development model, we will meet client needs in a timely manner while offering flexibility in adapting to their changing priorities.