Harry Elsinga
Chief Human Resources Officer
Baker Hughes, a GE Company

LEAP: Leveraging the lessons of the downturn to transform the way we find tomorrow’s talent.

Agnes Johansen
Vice President, People & Leadership

LEAP: Applying new approaches to developing the Oil & Gas leaders of tomorrow.

Bob Newhouse
Chief Talent Officer

LEAP: Building a bridge between technology and talent to thrive in an increasingly digital industry.

Corinna Carbone
Vice President Human Resources, Organization & Services

Vice President Human Resources, Organization & Services

Helena Fyda
most recently Vice President Human Resources

LEAP: Achieving leadership diversity and creating a truly inclusive Oil & Gas workforce.

Dale Kunneman
Chief Human Resources Officer
HollyFrontier Corporation

LEAP: Developing fluid and flexible people strategies to add maximum value and meet future needs.

Tamara Bray
Chief Human Resources Officer
DCP Midstream

LEAP: Learning lessons from other industries to transform HR impact inside Oil & Gas.

Aaron Sobel
Vice President Human Resources, Administration & CHRO
Diamond Offshore

LEAP: Adopting fresh approaches to retaining our most vital talent in a changing industry.

Wesley Vestal
Vice President Human Resources

LEAP: Enhancing operational performance and transforming succession planning.

Rachel Schauweker
Senior Director Human Resources

LEAP: Reimagining workforce planning to maximise HR efficiency and boost business agility.

Amir Bar
Global Advisor Knowledge & Processes Analytics

LEAP: Leveraging innovative digital technology to accelerate capability development.

Nick Tran
Head of Global Military & Veterans Programs

LEAP: Using fresh approaches to talent acquisition to transform engagement and reduce turnover.

Graeme Marshall
Vice President Talent Acquisition & Workforce Demand
Baker Hughes, a GE Company

LEAP: Taking a nextgeneration approach to increase the efficiency of your recruitment machine.

Laura Varn
Vice President People, Culture & Communications
Parkland Fuel Corporation

LEAP: Scaling talent acquisition to find the critical talent we need in fast growing Oil & Gas firm.

Kirk Ginn
Vice President Human Resources
Atlas Sands

LEAP: Rethinking our cultural metrics to boost organizational effectiveness

Dave Warner
Vice President Human Resources
Weir Oil

LEAP: Developing a new, flexible and sustainable HR delivery model for a changing industry.

Raquel Couri
Vice President Human Resources & Administration
Next Decade

LEAP: Rethinking our approach to rewards in a rapidly growing Oil & Gas organization.

Jocelyn Durfield
Vice President Human Resources

LEAP: Rethinking rewards to attract and retain the vital talent necessary for growth.

Janell Zeug
Vice President Human Resources
Seabed Geosolutions

LEAP: Rethinking performance management in the Oil & Gas organization of the future.

Julie Block
Vice President Human Resources
BOS Solutions

LEAP: Harnessing the power of purpose to inspire next-generation talent to join and want to stay.

Kathy Willingham
Vice President Human Resources
Cactus Drilling

LEAP: Developing a dynamic culture engages top talent in an increasingly competitive labour market.

Donna Taylor
Vice President Human Resources
SBM Offshore

LEAP: Improving change management execution to better support our people to deliver growth.

Chelete Burnett
Global Talent Acquisition Leader
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

LEAP: Accelerating the acquisition and development of a truly global workforce.

Leigh Harris
Director Talent Acquisition

LEAP: Optimizing strategic souring to enhance the corporate recruiting function

Steve Abernathy
Head Digital Transformation Projects

LEAP: Applying new approaches to training a digital workforce to transform operational excellence.

Fred Stawitz
Principal Technical Training
Kinder Morgan

LEAP: Transforming functional culture to achieve sustainable profitability.

Cydney Aiken
Director People & Change

LEAP: Identifying how Oil & Gas outliers are innovating to succeed in a new Oil & Gas industry.

Jenna Sneed
Well-Being & Engagement Consultant

LEAP: Rethinking trust to build more lasting relationships with the talent you need.

Ron Hudik
Global Workforce Solutions Leader – Energy Vertical

LEAP: Going beyond what you think you know to get inside the minds of a future Oil & Gas workforce.

Susan McClure
Vice President & Principal Consultant Talent Management
Right Management

LEAP: Rethinking how to develop an agile, flexible and adaptable Oil & Gas workforce.

Rochelle Ross
Program Director
LEAP HR, Hanson Wade

LEAP: Providing a platform to drive radical change through people.